Ludlow Holiday Cottage

Online Reservation Request

Some guests like to ring or email before booking but If you know exactly which week you would like to book, are happy with the tariff and the calendar shows that week is available you can make an online reservation request using this page. For those weeks commencing on or after 29 March 2014 the arrival date must be a Saturday and the departure date will be the following Saturday. For the period between 4 January and 29 March 2014 four day bookings are available and the arrival date can be any day  between Saturday and Tuesday. The departure date will be four days after (Wednesday if arriving on Saturday and so on). Click on the button below to begin.

We are a micro-business and booking is not entirely controlled by computers and robots so it is always possible (although a bit unlikely) that someone else might be on the telephone booking the same week or have sent a request just before yours. However if the week is available we will email verification as soon as possible and send you an invoice. Payment can be made by Internet Banking (1% discount off price), cheque or PayPal. If you wish to pay by credit card then that can be done via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account) although you will need provide your name, address, credit card details, email address and phone number to PayPal. If the week isn't available we will let you as soon as we can.

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